Auctus Productions is a film production company based in New York City. Established in 2014, Auctus focuses on documentaries and short films inspired by the collective vision and creative spirit of its core group of young filmmakers. 

Focused on impassioned, true, and strong communication, Auctus Productions effectively conveys stories to its audiences. Incorporating the latest technological advancements in the realm of cinematography, audio, and even aerial photography, they always aim to maximize the impact of their projects.

In addition to its filmmaking, Auctus Productions also hosts annual events in New York and Los Angeles to showcase their work. Some notable projects include Road to City, a co-production with Major League Soccer and Punch: The Story of Adelino Da Costa, which was selected to be shown at the 2019 NYC Independent Film Festival.

As the meaning of its Latin name implies, “growth” is the guiding principle behind Auctus Productions.  The passionate people behind this company are always open to new ideas, are eager to grow both as individuals and as a business, and seek to expand the scope of their work and expertise, by embarking on new and challenging projects they continuously encounter.